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Ресторан во Львове!

Hello! As known, Lviv is considered the cultural capital of Ukraine, and for good reason, this city ranks first in Ukraine among tourist cities and 64 in Europe. It is safe to say that the potential of this city is growing every year. As you know, all people of our planet love to eat well, they all love something fashionable, they want to go with the times, but fashion should not only be beautiful and satisfying, but also useful, looking for a reliable investor to develop the best restaurant in Lviv, but for it needs a lot of effort, labor, time, money, but you need to achieve and do it, as far as I can see, in Lviv there is not yet a solid restaurant where dishes collected from around the world will be prepared, for this you need to buy the building, approximately in the center of Lviv because there are more tourists oh, to make an excellent classic-style renovation there, I will find the best chefs who will cook quickly, tasty and efficiently, this is not enough, according to my calculations, you need about $ 800,000, the benefit for the investor is that the profit will be divided by 25 by 75 , for 3-4 years, the investor will pay off, and he will have a net 25% of the net income of the restaurant, Yes, it may be difficult to see in Lviv, because there are many different institutions, but I am ready to work on it, waiting for your positive answers!


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